From 2007 to 2009, Jen Hazard wrote a column entitled "The Traveling Circus" for the Portland Press Herald's now-defunct lifestyle supplement The Maine Switch.

Getting down to James Brown
There's nothing wrong with dancing naked – when you're a kid

At the end of my workday, Ted phoned to report that Lauren was dancing half-naked in the family room to James Brown.

Anything but boring
No one wants to realize she’s become that kind of mother

A friend of mine recently was discussing her new playgroup, commenting that the moms were far from the norm.

Battle of the band
Mid-pregnancy’s a bad time to look for the perfect jeans

Help! My pants are falling down. Again.

All Daddy, all the time
What to do when the little one calls him Mama

When I pick my daughter, Lauren, up from daycare, the sitter provides a daily report…

The Great Escape
It’s about time for this mom to enjoy a solo vacation

Around this time of year, before winter melts into mud season, I’m consumed with thoughts of (temporarily) escaping New England.

Only the lonely
A Giants fan gets ready for game day

It’s lonely to be a New York Giants fan in Maine.

Guest stress
Summer means visitors and a house that’s tough to keep clean

It’s July, which means it’s crunch time. The guests are coming — weekend after weekend until August.

Saying good-bye to Jake
When it came to hygiene, this old dog wouldn’t learn new tricks

If you’re the parent of a toddler, a dog owner and have a baby on the way, it’s generally not a good idea to take on another pet.

Lauren turns 2
They grow so fast, and then they want to go to the farm

When I was a kid, there were moments when my father would stare at my sisters and I from across the table with a look of amazement on his face.

Mourning the Maclaren
What happens when lack of caffeine mixes with pregnancy brain

Mornings without coffee are getting ridiculous. I’m sure it’s in my mind, but I can’t function without caffeine.

The hospital bag
The birthing room isn’t quite a day at the spa

Here’s a typical sitcom scenario: A pregnant woman’s water breaks.

Call me irresponsible
But what’s $1,000 when The Police come to town?

Flashback to summer camp 1986 — my friend Phoebe lends me her tape of “The Police: The Singles,” and I’m hooked.

Rise and shine
Getting out with two kids takes patience

Can somebody tell me how to get two kids out of the house in the morning? And be on time to wherever it is you have to go?

Flying solo
Tips to surviving four days all alone — with the kids

If you’re a single parent, a parent of multiple children or a daycare provider, I have a new appreciation for the work it takes to get through a normal day on your own.

Survival of the fittest
How long can 2 adults function at 30% before suffering a breakdown?

The past six months have been the hardest of my parenting life. Conjunctivitis, asthma, flu, colds and viruses have taken a toll on my family.

The hurricane
How to survive a toddler tantrum

Recently a friend called to discuss her 2-year-old’s temper tantrums.

To watch or…
The Great TV Debate can put a damper on playtime

Television is taking over at my house.

Travel spa
A clean van = one happy mom

When I was pregnant with Lauren, I had a laundry list of things to do.

Parenting 101
Making tough decisions — in the pediatric waiting room

Sometimes parenthood brings a person to unexpected places.

Waiting for Will
Patience is a virtue, especially during delivery

For weeks before my due date I worried about the baby arriving early.

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