Grab Your Lederhosen and Get to the Narrow Gauge RR

Das Eichenhorchen

Das Eichenhörchen

Cute Potato’s friends were visiting last weekend and their 6-year old boy is in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. So a trip to the Narrow Gauge Railroad, Portland’s little engine that could, was in order.

We expected beautiful views of the East End waterfront. And were sure the kids would be delighted by a train ride en plein air. What we didn’t expect to see was a massive, 200-pipe Dutch Street Organ, complete with a trombone, woodblock and cymbals, plus bass and snare drums, all operated by a man in lederhosen.

That man, Kevin Sheehan of Sebago, purchased the hand-cranked organ in 2002 from Fa. Pluer company in The Netherlands, and named it Das Eichenhörchen (The Squirrel) after the red-hatted squirrel conductor that sits at the front of the organ. We’re serious.

Das Eichenhörchen  is something to behold — a work of art onto itself. Sebago Lake graphic artist, Wendy Newcomb, widely known for her L.L.Bean catalog covers, was commissioned by Sheehan to paint the organ’s many woodland scenes.

Cute Potato isn’t sure how long The Squirrel and friends will be at the Narrow Gauge Railroad, so be sure to visit soon. Lederhosen optional.

See Das Eichenhörchen (The Squirrel) and Kevin Sheehan in action. Watch the YouTube video.

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