Hello, Lover: Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Maine

Need we say more?

Need we say more?

Last month, the Old World Gourmet Deli in Freeport reopened for the season. Sure, Cute Potato missed their yummy sandwiches, but what we craved all winter long were the signature chocolate chip cookies.

There’s none better, in our opinion. Just look at those chunky chocolate chips and almonds. They’re consistently crispy and buttery on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside. Just thinking about them makes us swoon.

And not that we believe in bribing children with treats, though if you’re going to pick just one, it might as well be an Old Word cookie.

Old World Gourmet Deli, 117 Us Route 1, Freeport 207.865.4477. Find them on Facebook.

Update 2013: The Maine Magazine placed Old World Gourmet chocolate chip cookies on their A-List. And hurray! The deli is now open all winter long!

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