All Hail Mae’s Café

maesOn yet another rainy day, the Cute Potato gang descended on Mae’s Café in Bath—hungry, cranky and wet. The staff set us up in our very own room (smart!), the waitress promptly took our order and CP #1 and #2 ran around the table while we waited for our food. What could have been a potential disaster became a pleasant lunch. What more could a parent ask for?

At Mae’s, there are many healthy options for the little ones, although ours are on a grilled cheese and french fries kick. But the best part, for adults and kids alike, are Mae’s phenomenal baked goods. Our personal favorite is the blueberry cake, which to quote a New Jersey relative, is TDF (to die for). And the oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies, which the kids devoured during the drive home, are really yummy, too.

160 Centre Street
Bath, Maine 04530

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  1. For the last twenty years my parents have taken our family camping at Hermit Island every summer. Since my husband and I got married, we’ve continued to join my family, and now bring our three children along.

    Our Mae’s Cafe tradition didn’t begin until about four years ago, when we had had so much rain on our camping trip that our only options were to pack up and leave early, or go somewhere warm. So glad we chose the someplace warm. At Mae’s we had a delicious meal, enjoyed the friendly staff, were agog at the case of tempting pastries, and even got to meet Mae herself.

    It is now a place that holds happy memories for our family, and we look forward to visiting again!

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