Cute Potato Gets a New Look


Just one of many sweet prints from Calobee Doodles

We love good design at Cute Potato. And while we wish we had artistic know-how of our own (finger painting not included), we knew we needed help.

Thanks to the talents of Orono-based Mom and designer, Caroline Moore of Calobee Doodles, our masthead is a whole lot cuter. Of course, we loved Cute Potato #2 in his cowboy hat, but who needed to see our old heating grate and Boppy pillow in the background, anyway?

Back to Caroline, we discovered her on the Etsy Maine Team site and we’re so glad we did. Not only did we enlist her services for a custom design, but we also plan on purchasing a few prints from her Etsy site for Cute Potato #1 and #2’s bedrooms. The hard part will be deciding which print to choose, one is cuter than the next!

Interested in Caroline’s work? You can find her at

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