Make Your Own Mother’s Day Cards

CP #1 came home from preschool yesterday with a sweet Mother’s Day card that inspired us to make more. All that’s needed is a square piece of card stock or construction paper (4″x4″), and a white piece of paper (3″x3″). She glued her original artwork to black card stock, but any color will do.

CP#1 used markers, but we bet watercolors would look great, too.

On the back of the greeting is a quote. Her teacher asked, “What makes your Mom special?” CP #1’s reply made Mom Potato turn to mush:

Sweet thoughts from MP’s favorite girl

Once you copy your little one’s musings on to the card (CP #1’s teacher used a fine point, gel pen), punch a hole at the corner, and tie it with a ribbon. Voila! Mother’s Day card project complete.

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