The French Press

Update: The French Press closed in August 2010. For more on the closing, visit here.

This weekend, Team Cute Potato decided to try Westbrook’s French Press Eatery for breakfast… or more accurately, dessert. While the breakfast sandwiches were tempting (can’t wait to go back for the Californian: egg, avocado, sprouts and goat cheese), we couldn’t pass up the house made donuts. Still warm from the fryer, these sandwich-like donuts were decadent with a capital “D.” We tried the 3 for $5 donut special, selecting double chocolate, cinnamon sugar and The Elvis—filled with peanut butter, banana and chocolate. Mom Potato loved the melted peanut butter in The Elvis, but boy, is it messy. The same applies to the double chocolate. CP#2 was thrilled with this donut, proven by his instantaneous chocolate beard. Warning to parents: bring plenty of wipes, bibs and maybe even a change of clothes.

Our healthy little breakfast

Coffee at the French Press is provided by our local favorite, Coffee by Design. Mom and Dad Potato enjoyed skim milk lattes, which were just right…. plenty of frothy milk at the top, but a generous cup of good strong coffee below.

Caffeine for the parents

The space at the French Press is bright and open, allowing little ones to run off to the small play area in plain sight. There’s a wooden, tabletop stove, play fruits and vegetables, a tea set and surprise, pretend donuts. A little yellow table with chairs is also available for coloring or reading books. But the big draw for CP #2, were the three pinball machines nearby, where we unloaded quite a few quarters.

Chef CP#2 cooking up a storm

The French Press also serves lunch, which looks just as fabulous as breakfast. And more good news… when your family is finished eating, you can walk to the Peek-a-Boo Play Center or Riverbank Park Playground on Main Street.

The French Press
855 Main St
887 1040

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