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A few weeks ago, the team treated Mom Potato to a much needed night off. She decided to see New York City-based writer Amy Wilson read from her book, When Did I Get Like This? The Screamer, The Worrier, The Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget Buyer & Other Mothers I Swore I’d Never Be at the Auburn Public Library.

Amy, who is the mother of three young children, writes about her parenting experiences with equal parts humor and insight. When Did I Get Like This? is a joy to read because her stories are wonderfully relatable, especially to mothers (MP included) who over-analyze everything from choosing the right preschool to managing meltdowns.

MP chatted with Amy after the reading, and she graciously offered a signed copy of her book for one lucky, Cute Potato reader. All you need to do is tell us: what is the one thing you’ve done as a mother you swore you’d never do before becoming one? We’ll pick a winner at random Wednesday, June 16. Good luck!

PS: Need some inspiration? Read about the one thing Mom Potato swore she’d never do on Meet the Hazards.

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  1. I swore I’d never stop looking nice (I hope I haven’t) yet in my mind this concept also included wearing heels. Now juggling a one and a half year old and carrying an infant car seat with a three month old, I can’t…I’d fall flat on my face!

  2. I swore I’d always use a cloth or Kleenex to wipe away snot (or, uh, other baby bodily functions). Now that I’m a mama, I’m lucky if I even think to wash my hands after I’ve picked my daughter’s nose. 🙂

  3. I always thought that children who didn’t listen had parents that didn’t teach them better. I swore my child would be well-behaved and always listen. HA!!!

  4. I swore I would never pack as much as my mom did when we went different places. I thought I would just wing it! Now, I find myself packing for those “just in case” moments.

  5. I think I could make a list of these! But a big one is I swore my child would NEVER sleep in my bed. Pfft! This was before I was nursing, sleep-deprived beyond comprehension, and had experienced a baby with an ear infection. Whatever works! Must do what ever works and gets us all a LITTLE sleep!

  6. I swore to myself numerous t imes that if I had the guts to become a mom ( and I have) I would never say to my children
    “because I said so, that’s why!”

    I have broken that promise many times beyond what I am even willing to mention…..
    Thanks, can’t wait to see if I can get a copy….

  7. I swore I would never lick my fingers and then wipe dirt off my kids’ faces…but I do!

  8. I swore I’d never embarass my teenage son the way my mother embarassed me – now I do it EVERY day (and sometimes even on purpose!).

  9. I never thought I would be the kind of mother who would happily accept (and eat whilst smiling) the soggy little Cheerio being offered to her from a sticky little fist. But how can you say no to a face like that?

  10. I swore that I would never use spit to clean my childs face (I HATED when my mother would do that!) But I have… Not often but still… I have.

  11. I swore I would never drive a mini-van. But after a couple of road trips to New Jersey, with two kids and a huge dog only inches away from me, I gave in. For the sake of my sanity.

  12. I swore I’d never cut the crust off the bread–now I do it everyday for my own kids.

  13. I swore I would never be like my mom when I become a mother: too much worrying, too much nagging….well, I think I am becoming more and more like my mom everyday.

  14. Oh man, this is a hot topic for me! I swore I’d never let my kids have runny noses or wear mismatched clothes, that i’d never let them order french fries in a restaurant, that i’d never give them juice, or that i’d never say “because I said so.” It’s all very funny to me now, my former smugness!

    I’m putting that book on my summer list. Thanks!

  15. I told myself time and time again, that I’d never…….

    Let my child dictate the mood of the day.

    Let my child run wild in a department store.

    Let my child use a pacifier till they were almost 3.

    Let my child have a blanky through his 3rd birthday.

    Let my boys do “outdoor plumbing” in the backyard of anyone’s home.

    Let my child leave the house in clothes for the wrong season.

    Leave the house without doing my own hair or make up.

    Leave the house with snot or syrup in my hair or on my shirt.

  16. I swore I’d never let my kids destroy the house. My sister’s kids would always pull off all the couch cushions and turn the room upside down, just to hang out and watch TV or play. I was always horrified at them, but now that I’m a mom, I understand just how exhausting it is to constantly keep things neat and tidy.

  17. I swore I’d never be that mom who let her child eat a single bite of sugar that wasn’t naturally occurring in the food she was eating, which was of course going to be all natural as well. Turns out my daughter LOVES my home made cookies, Ben and Jerry’s, and anything chocolate. Thankfully she loves her veggies too, but boy does she have a sweet tooth that can’t be denied.

  18. I swore I would never hand my kids Windex and paper towels and tell them to clean windows when they tell me they are bored. My mom would say, “You’re bored? Well here, lets take care of that!” And now, I’ve done it!

  19. I swore I’d never have two kids in diapers at the same time. After having my first, I realized I wanted a second baby sooner rather than later, and I have a VERY stubborn preschooler… so now I’m at 21 months and counting of changing two sets of diapers.

  20. I swore up and down under no circumstances would I ever spit on my thumb and clean my child’s face. But desperate,with out water or wipes, I did just that. Yuck!

  21. Choosing one is tough. But, I always said my kids would never sleep with my husband and me. Um, yeah. I take that back. Big time.

  22. I swore I’d never ever breastfeed…because that was just gross and weird and I wasn’t gonna be weird. Well I’m the proud weird Mom now. Haha.

    I want this book-bad! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I swore I’d never be the mom that had Cheerios and Puffs, plus God only knows what else, on the floor of my truck. I’ve always kept my cars neat and orderly (in the past that is).

    I swore I’d never be the type of mom to let my child bang his spoon on the table at a restaurant. But now I realize, you have to entertain them somehow!

  24. Oh, that list. I know that list well.

    I was determined to be an all-natural, organic, hippie mama. Home birth with no drugs, cloth diapers, exclusive breastfeeding, making my own organic baby food, etc.

    I laugh at how naive I was before I had my daughter! From the moment she was born (after 3 days of labor, a hospital transfer, and the best epidural ever) to the breastfeeding problems (oh, hello, formula! Thanks for saving my starving child) to the piles of wet, stinky diapers that sat molding in my basement for two days because I couldn’t find time to fix a proper meal, let alone do laundry–every one of my well-laid plans was shot down one after the other.

    That’s when I realized that “plans” are for people without children.

  25. Oh I was the earthmama incarnate…before I ever adopted my daughter! I’m still pretty “earthy-crunchy” (to use the term we used in high school) but I didn’t make my own baby food exclusively, co-sleep (would have been disastrous!), eat *all* organic, etc. I even – shudder – plopped her down in front of a video on occasion. She’s 7 now and doing just fine, thank you. But I was just an earthmama in my mind 😉

  26. I swore I’d never have a messy house or messy car. I mean, I used to work 40+ hours a week and commute and always had a clean house and clean car, so how hard could it be to keep up with the house or the car if I were a stay-at-home mom? All there is to it is not letting the Little Darlings create messes in the first place, right? HA HA HA HA!

  27. I swore to never, ever use disposable diapers because those were only for the Mom’s who had issues with laziness…oh my!
    For 1 month I had a diaper service… after the first week I cringed due to the lingering smell of the “no-rinse” needed diapers that were festering in the diaper pail. (So much for the potpourri scented garbage bags)
    My Mom said “cloth diapers are so much better” and I’d “just get used to the smell” and “I used cloth on all of my chldren.”
    Well, a month later I was clipping coupons and buying the Lazy Mother brand of disposable diapers. I joined the ranks of the majority and never looked back!

  28. Add me to the list of people who swore they’d never have a minivan (a station wagon is big enough, right?), use spit to clean my kids’ faces, and serve chicken nuggets (at home!) for dinner.

  29. I never thought I’d blatantly bribe my children to get their cooperation–lollipops, money, I’m shameless now.

  30. I swore I would never let them watch TV before they were 2. Crashed and burned on that one.

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