Make Your Own Garden Hat

Sometimes our best craft ideas are inspired by friends. A few weeks ago, CP#1’s classmate arrived at our local Children’s Garden Party in the cutest straw hat. Her mother found the hat in Target’s $1 bin, purchased ribbon, some artificial flowers and let her daughter do the decorating. We love simple craft projects like these, so the team went on a search mission for our own straw hats. We discovered some fun styles at the Salvation Army in South Portland and the Falmouth Goodwill for just $2 apiece…. score!

CP#1’s hat pre-makeover (the existing purple flower stayed put)

CP#2’s cowboy hat

After locating our hats, we traveled to our local craft supply store for artificial Gerber daisies, grosgrain ribbon and colorful pom poms. CP#2 decorated his cowboy hat with the pom poms, and CP#1 created hers with the ribbon and daisies (thanks to some glue gun assistance from MP).

Faux Gerber daisy selection

We’re so happy with the results and can’t wait to wear them the next time we’re at the garden!

CP #1’s finished hat

And CP#2’s colorful chapeau….

Salvation Army, 333 Clarks Pond Parkway, South Portland, 761-7068‎

Goodwill, U.S. Route One/Shaw’s Plaza, Falmouth, 347-8252

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