Fun at the Yarmouth Clam Festival

Note: The 2015 Clam Festival, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, promises to be a blast! The parade, carnival, and horse drawn wagon rides remain highlights. In the Kids’ Area this year, look for magic shows, live music and balloon tying. Also, we have it on good authority that our friends at Islandport Press will be giving away 100 copies of some of their most popular children’s books each day (look for their booth at the Merrill Library). 

The team had a blast at the Yarmouth Clam Festival Friday. As planned, we spent most of our time on the Merrill Library lawn, taking in musical acts like the sassy Ann Sparling, who sang kid favorites like The Pumpkin Vine, I’m a Nut, Ting-A-Lay-O and Mr. Sun. The young audience played instruments, danced and marched around the big, blue tent. And CP#1 was thrilled when Ann invited her to wear a dog costume for How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

CP #1 in her furry best

After the performance, we walked to the Village Green Park to board the free Horse and Wagon ride. The horses were beautiful and the bells on their harnesses cheerfully rang as the wagon traveled down Main Street. The kids enjoyed waving to passers-by from the wagon, and MP liked previewing the rest of the festival without having to push the double stroller.

The Horse and Wagon Ride provides a welcome break between shows

The Horse and Wagon ride was just what we needed before visiting the Maine Department of Marine Resources touch tank. CP#1 held a large starfish in her hands, while CP#2 scooped up a small lobster and a scallop shell.

One of the many sea creatures at the touch tank

Over in the next tent, the Yarmouth High School Playmakers were on hand for face painting. Each design costs $3.00, but the kids were quite pleased with the results.

The many choices available at the face-painting booth

CP #2 showing off his baseball bat and ball face painting

The next billed show was Mad Science, featuring, you guessed it, a Mad Scientist in a white lab coat performing magic/science tricks for families. There was a hard-boiled egg trick and a lot of experiments with dry ice. CP#1 an #2 never took their eyes off the stage for a minute.

The Mad Scientist prepares for another scientific feat

We picnicked on the lawn after the show, and then walked to the Town Hall to see a cross-section of Herbie—Yarmouth’s famous, 217-year old Elm tree—which was felled due to Dutch Elm disease. Not surprisingly, Herbie’s rings are impressive and worth checking out.

A cross-section of Herbie, Yarmouth’s giant Dutch Elm Tree

MP was on a mission to hit the First Parish Church’s Homemade Pie Booth, but the kids caught sight of a sugar cookie-decorating stand from Woburn-MA based Cookies by Design, and could not be swayed. Note: Cookie decorating costs $5. The cookies are unbelievably big, and aspiring decorators have free reign over the frosting and sprinkles.

A sample from Cookies by Design

CP #1 is a fan of pink frosting

After both children thoroughly licked the frosting off their cookies, they discovered a bracelet-making booth from the Standish-based jewelry company, Patchwork Woo. Bracelets cost $2.00 to create and there are plenty of colorful beads, foam shapes and sequins available for the craftiest kids.

CP# 1 creates a bracelet at Patchwork Woo’s booth

Dancing. Singing. Frosting. Cool science projects. What more could a kid want? CP#2 fell asleep in the stroller after making his bracelet. And CP# 1 smartly suggested stopping for ice cream, which thankfully, was right near the pie booth.

If you’re planning on going to the nearby amusements, wait until Sunday. Bracelets are $20 from Noon-4 p.m., and kids can go on unlimited rides.

Yarmouth Clam Festival
Events run throughout the day, check site for details:

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