Make Your Own Scarecrow

MP loves simple craft projects. And thanks to a wonderfully crafty Mom at preschool, she discovered how to make this paper bag scarecrow. The team is thinking ours will be a fun, fall gift for the grandparents.

You’ll need:

• Paper lunch bag
• Newspaper
• Approx. 20-inch stick from the backyard
• Fall leaves
• Ribbon
• Wiggle eyes
• Felt (cut into a triangle)
• Magic marker
• Craft paper
• Small bowl of Elmer’s glue
• Paintbrush
• Spanish moss (found at craft & floral supply shops)

To make your scarecrow, first open the paper lunch bag and stuff the inside with newspaper. Carefully place the stick inside the bag (behind the stuffing). Cut ribbon to desired length. Gather the opening of the bag around the stick, and tie the ribbon around both.

Next, glue on the wiggle eyes and felt nose. Draw in the eyebrows and smile with a magic marker.

CP#2 used a glue stick, but applying Elmer's with a paintbrush creates a better hold

If your child wants a hat, cut out any size or shape you like. Glue on the hat to the left corner of the scarecrow’s head. Then glue on a leaf or leaves for a colorful embellishment.

CP#2's poses with his scarecrow pre-hair

Brush glue over the flat top of the lunch bag. Press and hold the Spanish moss on the glued section for a few seconds to make sure it sticks (you may have to reapply glue in a few places to get the moss to hold).

All done!

Hope your family enjoys making scarecrows as much as we did. As always, if you have any easy fall craft projects you’d like to share, pass them along. We love hearing from you.

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