Maine Girl Creations

MP met Jessica Herling of Maine Girl Creations at a craft fair, and was taken with all of the lovely handmade items Jessica had for sale—from colorful, appliquéd onesies and stroller blankets to fun yoga bags and birthday banners.

All of Jessica’s onesies are made of super soft cotton

Jessica started Maine Girl Creations only two years ago. The Brunswick-resident fuses her smart design and sewing skills to make the most charming gifts.

MP especially loves her reversible, cotton blankets. CP#2 has a similar blue chenille blanket with his name and birth date on it that he calls his comfy. Who knew when he received the blanket as an infant, it would become such a cherished gift?

The reverse side of this blanket features a plush, dot pattern

For more gifts from Maine Girl Creations, visit Jessica’s Etsy shop or Facebook page.

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  1. Our favorite is the little green rocking chair that has been passed down. We have a picture of great-grandfather in it, grandfather, father and now a picture of our son reading a book. Still as sturdy, beautiful and sentimental as ever.

  2. My daughter was 5 weeks old for her first Christmas. Before she was born, I was shopping for some newborn outfits, and as an afterthought a grabbed a purple stuffed elephant to wrap for her for Christmas. My daughter is 2 now, and Ellie is her most beloved, cherished companion. The elephant is more gray than purple now, and no matter how often I throw it in the washer (which is not too often because my daughter can’t bear to be without her) it still looks dirty. But dirty, gray, smelly Ellie has become a member of our family!

  3. When I was pregnant, my mom gave me a stuffed lamb. When you squeezed it, it said a nighttime prayer. It would always bring tears to my eyes and a smile every time I squeezed it. Turns out, it has been my daughters favorite “buddy” since she was born. The lamb sleeps with her each night, has gone on plane rides, road trips and even been in the washer a few times. I do not know what life would be like without “Cotton Buddy” 🙂

  4. My son is only 7 months old and loves the quilt his grammy gave him. It was made by a family friend and it has all sorts of textured fabric on it and he loves feeling the different types. He also love Sophie the giraffe!!

  5. My daughter is almost 2 (coincidentally, her birthday is on December 20th) and her favorites are her blankie (handmade by her grandma) and her Glowie glow worm.

  6. My husband’s grandmother (Monnie) made a koala bear and named him Pop Pop after her late husband and gave him to our youngest son, Evan, who never got to meet his Pop Pop.

  7. I want to enter the giveaway, but my kids really don’t have any favorite gifts that have been passed down and “stood the test of time.” We have a high chair from when my husband was little, that we use. Since all my kids are little I wanted to start traditions with them for Christmas. I made an advent calendar out of felt. There is a pocket for each day, and each day one of my kids takes out a handmade ornament and puts it on the advent calendar. I hope this will “stand the test of time” and be passed down to my kids’ kids and become their favorite.

  8. My daughter loves her little blankie/teddy from her 1st Christmas – dumb mum washed it once and it got a bit over cooked in the drier lol but it’s still top favorite at bed time and has outlasted Elmo and Pooh bear

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