Christmas in a Can

While shopping around, MP discovered a little boxwood tree planted in an embellished soup can and thought, “The team can make that!”

This is a simple planting project for little ones, but it does require some cutting and measuring by an adult beforehand. You’ll need:

• Craft paper or cardstock
• A small boxwood tree, evergreen or poinsettia plant (we found our plants at Hannaford, but we’ve spotted them at local nurseries, too)
• Elmer’s glue
• Empty Campbell’s soup can
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Ribbon (optional)
• Paintbrush or Q-Tip (optional)
• Potting soil
• Spoon

First, gently tear the label off your soup can.

A traditional, Campbell’s soup can measures approx. 9″L x 3-1/2″W. Mark these measurements on the back of your craft paper and cut the paper to size. If you’re using ribbon for trim, give yourself at least 10″ to work with.

After everything is measured, the kids can help with the gluing. Affix the short side of the craft paper to the can.

CP#1 likes to use a Q-Tip or paintbrish for easier gluing

Then wrap the paper around the can and glue the other side. Press and hold for a few seconds to be sure the glue sticks.

Hold the glued side down as you wrap the paper around the can

Once the glue is dry, you can opt to embellish your can with ribbon. CP#1 decided she liked hers as is, and MP added ribbon trim to the can’s edges. Note: We used a thin ribbon which looks pretty, but it was difficult to glue on the can. Try a wider, grosgrain ribbon instead. We let our finished soup cans sit out overnight—just to be sure everything was firmly in place.

MP’s can with ribbon trim

CP#1 used a soup spoon (how appropriate!) to place some soil in her can. Next, MP showed her how to gently turn the plant over to release it from its pot. Then CP#1 filled the rest of her can with soil.

The finished project

We think this will make a sweet gift for the kids’ preschool teachers and friends. If you don’t have time for planting, the decorated can alone can also hold candy canes, candles and crayons, too.

Have fun!

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