Blanket Giveaway Winner & Heirloom Gifts

Thank you to everyone who entered our latest giveaway. We enjoyed all of your thoughtful responses, but one in particular caught our attention. Congratulations go out to Kathy, who has won a personalized blanket from Maine Girl Creations. Kathy wrote in to tell us about her son’s favorite gift—a rocking chair that has been a part of her family for 4 generations:

Our favorite is the little green rocking chair that has been passed down. We have a picture of great-grandfather in it, grandfather, father and now a picture of our son reading a book. Still as sturdy, beautiful and sentimental as ever.

There’s nothing better than a gift passed from one generation to the next. MP still cherishes the child-size table and chairs her grandfather made years ago. Who knows? Maybe the CP kids will pass the set on to their children someday.

We like L.L.Bean’s Keepsake Chair in Natural

If you’re searching for an heirloom chair of your own and don’t mind the investment, try L.L.Bean’s Keepsake Rocker

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  1. We also have an heirloom rocking chair for our son. It belonged to his paternal grandfather, who he (and I) never met. We take a Christmas picture each year with him sitting in it in front of the tree. This year the picture became our holiday card.

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