Mud Season Walk: Gilsland Farm Audubon

There remains a chill in the air, but that hasn’t stopped the team from enjoying the onset of spring. Not long ago, we visited the Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth, first to buy honey from the nature store and then to take a family adventure walk.

The trails at Gilsland Farm are wonderfully manageable for little ones. CP#1 and #2 love running up the bluffs to look at the water below. And they’re especially enamored with Wendy Klemperer’s dramatic, steel wildlife sculptures. Along the trail we met wolves, elk, fox and mountain lions.

The kids also enjoy sitting at the Audubon’s observation blinds and exploring the maze of cattails in the salt marsh.

The grounds are dotted with snow, the trees are brown and bare, but the landscape at Gilsland Farms is still something to behold. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a wonderful resource nearby. Here’s to mud season walks!

Gilsland Farm Audubon Center
20 Gilsland Farm Road

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      Cathy, go when the peony garden is bloom. I can imagine the great photos you could get, especially with those super cute floral headbands you’ve been using lately.

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