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CP#1 wanted a Hello Kitty themed party for her fifth birthday. To help create a memorable cake, MP enlisted Cathy Ducey, baker and owner of Mom Made It! in Scarborough. Cathy, who makes everything from scratch in her home kitchen, was kind enough to let MP bring some gluten-free ingredients to make CP #1 a rich, chocolate layer cake.

MP was immediately impressed by Cathy’s baking style. Seriously, the woman could rival Martha in the kitchen. So neat! So exact! And she was kind enough to share a few smart baking tips, too. Did you know a cake is done when it starts to separate from the pan?

Cathy at work… notice there’s not a drop of anything on the counter

During MP’s visit, Cathy offered some of her signature cake balls (think your favorite truffle with cake at the center). These lovely confections are dangerously addictive.

Cathy’s coconut cake balls drenched in dark chocolate are MP”s new favorite treat

But back to the birthday cake, Cathy outdid herself! She frosted the cake in Italian buttercream and decorated it with blue fondant flowers. And of course. Hello Kitty was the star of the show:

One super cute (and delicious) Hello Kitty cake

Learn more about My Mom Made It! homemade cakes and baked goods on Facebook or call Cathy Ducey: 207.839.3122.

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  1. Wow, this cake looks amazing. My daughter is turning 5 in June and I’m already starting to research how I’m going to create a Hello Kitty cake. Cathy made it look so easy.

    I think my family’s all time favorite treat would probably be a pudding, flan or creme brule. But boy we’d love to try those cake balls!

  2. Our family’s favorite treat right now is Pumpkin Spice cake with chocolate bits!! YUMMY!! I think it’s an old Weight Watchers recipe but so good & the whole family loves it!!! I make it into mini muffins so it’s the perfect sweet treat!

  3. Awesome Hello Kitty cake! Our family loves cupcakes — I am also starting to think about our daughter’s birthday party and maybe trying something new if I can find the time.

  4. My kids have always loved the “caterpillar cake,” introduced to us by our good friend Sally. Make a bundt cake, cut the cake in half, and line the halves up end to end so they make an “s” shape. Cover with frosting tinted light green, add M & Ms for spots and eyes, and use thin licorice for antennas. Yum!

    — TT

  5. Our favorite treat are homemade chocolate chip cookies. I make them homemade from my husbands friends mothers recipe. She gave me the recipe along with our wedding present. They are same recipe he had when he was a kid and it brings back fond memories for him. Yummy!!

  6. Our family loves ice cream. We recently got an ice cream maker and the kids favorite seems to be peppermint stick (all those leftover candy canes!). Ice cream also goes great with cake of course 🙂

  7. Eeeek! My boys turn 6 in less than 3 weeks!! We luuuuuv big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies.

  8. My family loves any dessert as long as it is home made…but our favorite would have to be my grandmother’s homemade chocolate cake served warm right out of the oven…no frosting needed!

  9. We like to make our own coconut ice cream. My daughter has a gluten and dairy intolerance so coconut milk ice cream and GF chocolate cake are our favorite “special occasion” treat!

  10. My family can easily devour a whole pan full of warm apple crisp – with vanilla bean ice cream, of course!

  11. All time fav…..Boston Creme Pie! Reminds me of growing up, haven’t had 1 in yrs……Mmmmmmm!

  12. Chocolate covered bananas we made for N’s birthday party last year. Easy and super good.

    Cut bananas in half, and put a stick in each half. Freeze on a parchment-lined cookie sheet overnight. Next day, melt chocolate and a little oil in a metal bowl over hot water. Dip, twirl, repeat. Bonus, roll immediately in toasted coconut or chopped nuts before the chocolate dries. Return to freezer (on cookie sheet for one night before putting in a bag or container) or eat right away.

  13. We love King Cake during Mardi Gras season. I make it myself since I haven’t found a bakery that does it around here. It’s nowhere near as pretty as that cake!

  14. Thanks for sharing! Everything looks so YUMMY!

    Our favorite dessert (right now- it changes depending on the season and new recipes) is Cowboy Cookies. Well, we called them Mrs. Claus’ Cookies because we made them for Santa this Christmas.

    I found the recipe on Bakerella and they are so good. They have everything you would want in a cookie: chocolate chips, M&Ms, oatmeal, and pecans. They come out thick, soft, and crunchy – is that possible? What makes this dessert so special is to see my husband’s face when he knows I am making them and when he eats them. I love how he loves what I make. And of course, to see my three kids devour them is a pretty sweet sight too.

  15. My family is in love with chocolate pudding cake! We love to eat it on Sunday evenings. It is definitely a tradition I will carry on with my children someday.

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