York, Maine Summer Food Favorites

We’re so fortunate to have readers like you. All of your suggestions for favorite local getaways were wonderful. Thank you! Congratulations goes to Sandy Abbott, who returns to York with her loved ones every year:

My family goes to York Beach every summer for a long weekend. My grandparents lived there, and when they died, we continued to take our sons there and do all of the same traditions my grandparents and parents did with me. Plus we added some of our own. We go to the Goldenrod, York Animal Kingdom, Sandy’s Purple Palace, the Nubble Light, Sweet Josie’s, and more. My children are grown with children of their own. We continue our annual tradition with the 5th generation, staying in a wonderful inn on the beach…  At 59, I have not missed a year, nor do I intend to!

Like Sandy, the Cute Potato team enjoys visiting the Nubble Light in York, especially for the wonderful foods nearby. We’re big fans of the old-fashioned ice cream at Brown’s, which was once lauded by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s as his favorite ice cream shop in the country. Now that’s saying something!

Flo’s Hot Dogs is another favorite in nearby Cape Neddick, where a hot dog with mayonnaise (really) and Flo’s sweet relish is all you need for a satisfying lunch.

We also like to treat friends and family to homemade fruit pies from Pie in the Sky Bakery. The sweet, little bakery is based out of the owner’s Cape Neddick home, making it all the more appealing to MP. You’ll find cookies, muffins and brownies, too.

Hope you and your family enjoy these sweet suggestions. Happy summer, everyone!

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  1. I received my new book today! MAINE is the book I will be reading while sitting on the porch, laying on the beach, cherishing family and family traditions at York Beach!
    Thank you so much for the book, I can’t wait to read it!


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