Our Favorite Farm Stands: Snell Family Farm

While on a family road trip, a sign for fresh peaches caught MP’s eye. We turned off the main road and found ourselves at the Snell Family Farm in Bar Mills. Before we even reached the farm stand, the kids were running towards the farm’s small, manmade ponds, which were filled with lily pads, water lilies, and to the team’s delight… frogs!

We learned that the farm sells aquatic plants, which MP thinks is fascinating on its own. Little did she know what other surprises the farm had in store for us.

The farm stand is gorgeous this time of year. CP#1 selected purple and white shell beans for dinner. The kind folks at the farm recommended steaming the beans for 40 minutes and serving them with butter, salt and pepper. So simple and so good!

CP#2 picked up a beautiful watermelon called a Yellow Doll. This variety has super sweet fruit and is yellow in color. Who knew such a thing grew here in Maine?

After we stocked up on carrots, beans, peppers, and peaches, we walked around the farm’s grounds. MP was surprised to find a greenhouse full of red raspberries, which were as big as strawberries.

We were thrilled to find this wonderful, family farm. Check out their site for seasonal recipes and offerings. Not near Bar Mills? Snell Family Farm sells their produce at the Portland and Saco Farmers’ Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Snell Family Farm
Route 112
Bar Mills
GPS: 1000 River Rd., Buxton

207. 929.6166

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