Make Your Own Whoopie Pie T-Shirts

DP celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday. To surprise him, MP thought it would be fun to make t-shirts to commemorate the big day. She had this silly idea of creating a whoopie pie shirt that reads, “Whoopie! You’re 40.” Surprisingly, the shirts were so easy to make.

CP#2 modeling (sort of) his whoopie pie shirt.

Here’s what you need:

• Plain cotton tees in varying colors
• Brown felt (we used two 9″x12″ squares for six shirts)
• White chalk
• Fabric glue
• White fabric paint
• Raised black fabric paint
• Circular craft sponges
• Cardboard square or old magazine


  1. Using white chalk, trace the base of a round glass on the felt.
  2. Cut the circle in half. This makes the top and bottom halves of the whoopie pie.
  3. Place a magazine or cardboard square inside of the shirt. The added layer keeps glue and paint from seeping through to the other side of your shirt.
  4. Glue the top and bottom half of the circle to the T-shirt, leaving a little room for the white paint at the center.
  5. Gently dab the white paint between the two halves of the whoopie pie. It’s okay to get a little on the felt.
  6. Once your whoopie pie is complete, write your birthday message using the raised fabric paint.
  7. Lay the T-shirt flat on a drying rack for 24 hours.

MP and the kids had a great time with this project! Plus, our friend Cathy Ducey of Mom Made it Cakes in Scarborough made DP an incredible whoopie pie cake to go with the theme.

Who says 40 can’t be fun?

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