Gingerbread House Party

Every year, Grandma Cookie Potato organizes a festive gingerbread house party for family and friends. Grandma is a whiz when it comes to making, baking, and assembling these houses. She gave MP a gingerbread house bake set years ago, and MP still hasn’t mastered the patient art of rolling out gingerbread dough (or maybe she just needs to work on her upper arm strength).

Grandma and CP#1 begin work on their house.

Grandma and her friends collect all kinds of candy for the houses throughout the year, which makes for some creative decorating.

It’s hard to compete with these ladies, who have years of experience under their belts, but MP and CP#2 are proud of what we accomplished together.

What we enjoy most about the party? Spending time around the table with friends and loved ones.

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