Super Cute Kids Storage

Without fail, MP feels a little disorganized after the holidays. There are decorations to put away, bags to unpack, and new toys to find space for around the house. This Christmas, the Cute Potato kids were especially blessed with art supplies. The influx of crafty goods inspired MP to reorganize the team’s arts and crafts cabinet. Enter Nykki Grindle from Seal Harbor, who makes fabric and crocheted organizers that are perfect for markers, paint brushes, beads, stickers, and ribbon.

Nykki uses sturdy, outdoor fabric for her eye-catching organizers.

MP loves this sweet, crocheted basket for buttons and beads.

Another fabric organizer from Nykki’s Etsy shop.

These nifty little organizers would also be great for barrettes, game pieces, and all of the tiny accessories that come with CP#1’s dolls and CP#2’s action figures.

Feeling the need to organize your family’s new things? You can find Nykki’s storage organizers on Etsy or Facebook. Happy 2012, everyone!

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