Catbird Creamery

Note: Catbird Creamery closed in 2017. You can read about it here.

Today’s spring preview has MP thinking about ice cream (not that she needs an excuse). One of her favorite new spots is the Catbird Creamery in Westbrook. Owner Andrew Warren, who grew up serving ice cream with his father at the Dark Harbor Shop in Islesboro, makes his own delicious flavors daily.

A sampling of flavors from Catbird Creamery.

On the afternoon we visited, Andrew had six flavors available: chocolate, strawberry balsamic, brown sugar, caramel & sea salt, ginger, and toasted coconut sorbet. After sampling a few flavors, Andrew encouraged MP to try a newly finished batch of white chocolate cinnamon. Soft and creamy, the flavor tasted like a cinnamon roll in ice cream form.

We all decided to have our ice cream in a homemade cone, which were almost too lovely to eat. The Squirrel Nut Zippers played in the background (a CP family favorite) while the team relaxed and enjoyed our ice cream.

CP#2 is one satisfied customer.

FMI: Visit Catbird on their web site or Facebook.

Catbird Creamery, 861 Main Street, Westbrook. 207.854.0500



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  1. You can never have enough good ice cream places around. Sounds great, thanks for sharing the word.

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