What a Mom Wants

MP will admit it, she loves Mother’s Day. It’s like having a birthday all over again. She’s treated to breakfast in the morning, homemade cards from the kids, and the family road trip of her choice.

Sometimes, if she’s been an especially good Mom, there might be a small gift waiting for her at the kitchen table. There are a few beautiful items that are on her wish list this year. Her dream gift is a bag from Michelle Rose of Minka in Kennebunkport. MP has long coveted Michelle’s artfully designed leather handbag, but now Minka is offering a sleek looking shopper, too. Decisions!

A Mom can never have too many beautiful bags.

Not long ago, MP purchased lace earrings from Kate Clark, thanks to a special offer on Mainely Mara. MP loves the clean simplicity of Kate’s designs, like these silver tear drop earrings.

MP also adores sweet treats, While she has many favorites, her dessert of choice is a chocolate cupcake from Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland. Simply visiting this cheerful shop makes her grin from ear to ear.

Photo courtesy of The Petite Filet

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