Grandma Drove the Lobsterboat

When MP becomes a senior citizen, she hopes to be as plucky as the grandmother in Katie Clark’s popular Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck and Grandma Drove the Snowplow series. If you’re familiar with the Brunswick author’s books, you know her lovable protagonist is a dedicated problem solver. Grandma is ready to do whatever it takes to help her community, no matter the obstacle.

Clark’s latest installment, Grandma Drove the Lobsterboat, finds Grandma and her grandson Billy, enjoying a leisurely Labor Day boat ride. The duo is having a fabulous time, until the weather changes dramatically. The boat’s captain is feeling seasick, and Billy can’t reach his uncles for help. What’s a grandmother to do? Man the lobsterboat, of course! Kids will giggle as Grandma charts a clumsy course in hopes of delivering lobsters to her town’s annual Lobster Bake.

To learn more about Grandma Drove the Lobsterboat and author Katie Clark, visit Down East Books.

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  1. My son loves Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck. We’ve taken it out of the library a few times. I didn’t realize there were others! I’ll have to check them out. 🙂

  2. What a fun title! Can’t wait to read it to my 2 year old. Maine authors and illustrators are the best!!

  3. I love finding new books for my 2 grandchildren and most especially from a local author! would love to win a book for them 🙂

  4. My nephews love these books! I am so excited to see this one! I love Amy Huntington’s art work and illustrations because there is so much for the kids to see and notice on the pages!

  5. Thank for sharing this book. I have heard of the author but not this book. My son loves boats. I am sure this one would become a favorite.

  6. Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck is one of my son’s favorites to read with my dad! I’ll have to look for this one, too!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway MP! Our family would love to have this book – what a fun read!

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