Rainy Day Activities

It’s raining… again. And tomorrow’s forecast calls for more. What’s a parent to do? MP went through some of Cute Potato’s favorite rainy day activities to help:

1. Visit an Indoor Play Space
Try Portland’s Greenlight Studio or The Rumpus Room in Brunswick. Also, don’t forget to check out your nearby libraries for fun children’s programs and free play.

CP#2 takes a building break at a favorite play space.

2. Make Your Own Crayons
If your family is like ours, you probably have a lot of broken crayons on hand. Use the broken pieces to make some fabulous new crayons for your kids! All you need is a silicone mold (found at many big box stores) and your oven. Trust us, your kids will love the results.

Molded crayons just out of the oven

3. Make Silly Pancakes
The Cute Potato kids love raiding the refrigerator for supplies to make their own silly pancake faces. Plus, decorating pancakes makes for a celebratory (and easy) meal. There’s no better reason to use lots of whipped cream!

MP was going for a strawberry crown, but isn’t sure she pulled it off

 4. Make a Paper Bag Puppet
We made these Santa puppets for the holidays using some paint and felt. However, with a little ingenuity, kids can make anything they like. Try this owl puppet using fabric, buttons, pipe cleaner, and leaves.

Photo courtesy of While She Naps.

We hope these simple ideas help keep your kids busy during summer’s rainy days!

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