Better Vending: Good on the Go

MP tries to steer clear of vending machines when she’s out with the kids, unless she’s forgotten to bring an afternoon snack (which happens more than she cares to admit). Recently, we were faced with this very dilemma. MP found herself staring at a vending machine filled with unhealthy options. The kids had their faces pressed against the glass, eyeing Twizzlers and Cool Ranch Doritos. After much deliberation, we left with tiny bags of fruit snacks and roasted peanuts—the two best choices of the bunch—but neither curbed our hunger for long.

Good on the Go vending machines provide healthier snacking options for kids & adults.

Thankfully there’s a wonderful Maine-based company called Life’s Healthy Pleasures, that’s revolutionizing vending services by providing options that are nutritious and satisfying. The company’s Good on the Go™ machines have all sorts of smart choices, including yogurt, sparkling juices, whole grain crackers, fresh vegetables, and organic popcorn.

With healthy snacking options like these, it is no wonder Good on the Go is quickly gaining popularity over traditional vending. The machines can be found in schools throughout Southern Maine, and MP recently spotted Good on the Go at the Children’s Museum & Theatre in Portland. If you visit, check out the engaging exhibit on smart snacking.

Learn all about smart snacking at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine.

Interested in learning more about Good on the Go and how you can bring them to your school this September? Visit here to request more information.

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