The Clever Kitty

Grandma Cookie Potato is one of a kind. One of the things we love most about GCP is her ability to rock accessories like striped Halloween socks and funky pumpkin earrings. She not only buys these accessories for herself, but outfits CP#1 and #2 with Halloween-inspired gear whenever she can.

Something tells us Grandma would love these adorable felted hair accessories from South Portland designer Shannon Hanley.

Shannon’s Etsy shop, The Clever Kitty, is a great place to find unique, nature-inspired accessories for you or your little one. In addition to her super cute designs, Shannon is also the Editor-in-Chief of Modern Handmade Child magazine, which features craft projects you can do at home with your children.

Floral hair clips in fall colors from The Clever Kitty.

Like what you see? Visit The Clever Kitty shop on Etsy or Facebook. For more Halloween items from the Maine Etsy Team, check out Handmade Halloween.

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