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In September, the Cute Potato team had an opportunity to visit Gather; Main Street Yarmouth’s newest eatery. The family-friendly restaurant is the brainchild of Yarmouth-resident Matt Chappell. When a ‘For Lease’ sign was staked in front of the town’s former Masonic Hall, Chappell—who worked in the restaurant industry for years—saw an opportunity. He believed the space had potential for a dinnertime establishment, one that offered locally sourced, comfort food. As it turns out, Chappell was right. The self-described farm fresh eatery has drawn crowds of 100 or more, and that’s during the week.

The updated interior is urban farm chic. A glistening, open-kitchen is center stage. Antique farm tools adorn the walls and patrons sit at wooden tables made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes. Wrought iron chandeliers hang above the restaurant’s focal point—a 16-person table meant for gatherings of family and friends.

As parents, we appreciated the thoughtful play area. Chappell says he asked a friend and local preschool teacher, Meg Harpool, to help design the space. There are games, like Dinosaur bingo, art supplies, books, and well-loved toys (Chappell included a wooden barn he played with as a child).

We played Dinosaur bingo while waiting for our food.

The menu is as thoughtful as Gather’s design. Chef Chad Conley—who managed the Miyake Farm in Freeport, worked at Hugo’s Portland and Jean-Georges in New York—creates casual, seasonal fare. We started with deviled eggs: each dusted in smoked paprika, saffron, Italian parsley, and garnished with a sliver of red onion. The creamy yolks had a hint of heat and the tang of Dijon.

For dinner, DP opted for traditional pub fare—a juicy, house-ground Maine burger with seasoned, hand cut fries and garlic pickles. True to Gather’s farm connection, the grass-fed beef comes from Farmers’ Gate Market, a specialty butcher shop in Wales that partners with small farms throughout the state.

Adults in search of lighter options will enjoy satisfying entrees like the crispy seared salmon with wild rice and roasted, seasonal vegetables. Other menu options are equal parts straightforward and garden-inspired, including creamy Fusilli pasta with Parmesan, sautéed zucchini and fresh basil.

The kids’ menu at Gather is also a welcome sight. You won’t find fried chicken nuggets here. CP#1 ordered chicken on skewers with a side of carrot sticks, and then requested a second helping! CP#2 devoured a satisfying bowl of macaroni and cheese topped with breadcrumbs. All of us enjoyed the house-made sodas served in Mason jars. Flavors include Maine blueberry and other seasonal fruits.

CP#1 enjoys a housemade, lemon-lime soda.

For parents, Gather has a bar that offers draft beers, such as Oxbow Farmhouse Ale from Newcastle, and a selection of wines by the glass or bottle. Dessert is equally enticing. We tried the homemade cookies, which are far from your average Tollhouse variety. Instead, we received a large plate of snappy ginger, sweet lemon, and dark chocolate cookies with powdered sugar. They’re perfect for sharing.

In every sense, sharing is the essence of Gather. “The restaurant is not only about cooking and serving great food,” Chappell says, “I want Gather to be a place for the community to come together.”

Judging by the enthusiastic line out the door, mission accomplished.

For more on Gather, visit their website or Facebook page.

189 Main Street
Yarmouth, ME

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  1. We’ve taken our 3.5 year old there a few times now. So great to get to eat good food in a more sophisticated atmosphere with a toddler and not feel out of place.

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  2. A wonderful reason to get my family out, especially my husband to eat healthy. Our kids love deviled eggs!

  3. I hadn’t heard of this – would love to check it out. And tell them they need to open one in Brunswick! Ever since Lilee’s closed, we need a place to gather, and this sounds like just the site.

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  4. Congrats to Matt and making his dream come true. This is a fantastic new addition to the area restaurant scene.

  5. Still meaning to go there! Thanks for the review, looks like so much fun (especially for the kiddos).

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