Finns & Flowers Toy Co.

Last week, we posted about a new, family-friendly restaurant in Yarmouth called Gather. One of the things we appreciated about Gather was the play area, as well as the knowledgeable waitress who sat us right next to the toys and games. While we were there, we discovered a wooden barn that belonged to owner Matt Chappell when he was a boy. MP started to think about how cool it would be for the kids to have a keepsake barn of their own.

Enter Finns & Flowers. The Palermo, ME-based toy company makes lovely wooden and felted toys. Their classic New England barn, made of Northern White Pine, is perfect for little kids with big imaginations.




You can find Finns & Flowers online at Etsy and Bella Luna Toys. Or, if you happen to be in the great city of Portland next weekend, find their booth at the Picnic Holiday Sale on Sunday, Dec. 9th.


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  1. Thanks! Gather was excellent, by the way – my 4yo daughter loved her burger, soda, and carrot sticks, and my husband and I enjoyed a delicious pizza and the crispy salmon. The homemade sodas and the draft cider were a great accompaniment. Definitely a “visit again” place! As a side note, we went on a Wednesday evening, and in lieue of the play area, we were treated to live Celtic music. The hostess seated us near the musicians, and Jordan spent the evening bopping her head in time to the music, entranced by the musicians. Thanks again – it was wonderful!
    PS: Love the wooden barns – I have a wooden barn made by Dakins (not even sure if they’re still around, but they were a Maine-based company) that I housed my Breyer horses. They also made all the barn accessories – hay bales, grain bags, saddles, pitchforks, buckets, etc. In a year or two, I’ll rescue it from my parents’ basement and fix it up for the next generation of horse enthusiasts (hopefully)!

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