Mason Jar Snow Globes

MP often gets inspired when she visits local craft fairs. Case in point: while visiting the SEA Holiday Art Sale in Portland, she discovered these Martha Stewart-inspired Mason Jar snow globes.


You can use any lidded jar for this project. MP happened to have some Mason Jars on hand, as well as a few, small figures to use inside the jars. Lemax figurines are also great for decoration. You can find them at craft stores like Michaels.

You’ll also need:
• Quick set, clear Apoxy glue (source: Ace Hardware)
• Sandpaper
• Vegetable glycerin (source: Royal River Natural Foods)
• Distilled water
• Silver glitter

Before starting, have your child choose which figurines she wants inside her snow globe. Then gently rub the underside of the jar’s lid with sandpaper. Mom or Dad should use Apoxy to glue the figure to the lid (use a clean, well-protected surface). The glue sets in 10 minutes, but you may want to wait an hour for the Apoxy to cure thoroughly.


Next, fill the Mason Jar with distilled water. Your child can add a few drops of glycerin to keep the water clear, and sprinkle a handful of glitter into the jar. Twist the lid with the figurine tightly, then turn the jar over. And behold! Sparkly, winter magic!


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