Love for Lemons Co.

Note: Love for Lemons Co. is now Good Natured Brand.

The first thing that drew MP to Love for Lemons Co. cleaning products was the beautiful packaging. Owner Kate Perrin is thoughtful about every aspect of her brand and it shows in the details. Kate creates handmade, chemical free cleaning supplies out of her home in Bath. After checking out Kate’s natural products at the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market, MP was certain Cute Potato’s readers would enjoy Love for Lemons Co. Kate was kind enough to lend MP some of her products to try.


There’s so much to choose from in the Love for Lemons line—from simple household cleaners, like a sweet orange scented all-purpose spray, to soy candles and laundry soap. These are not bowl you over citrus scents, but rather gentle, clean smelling products that work well in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have to clean your house, you might as well use products you can feel good about.


MP likes all of Kate’s products, but she’s partial to the Eucalyptus Bathroom Cleaner. Hopefully this isn’t too much information, but MP likes to clean the shower while she’s in it (multi-tasking, people), and using a natural, eco-friendly cleaner makes her feel okay with that. According to Kate, eucalyptus inhibits mold and mildew. MP’s shower has never looked so clean!

Similarly, the Eucalyptus Carpet and Upholstery Deodorizing Powder works wonders. MP recently purchased a love seat from Craig’s List, and after a little vacuum with the powder, the love seat looked (and smelled) like new.

The Love for Lemons Laundry Soda is another household favorite. It’s perfect for CP#1’s sensitive skin, and the whole family loves the light lemon-rosemary scent. One tablespoon will wash a whole load of laundry, so the 32 oz. container lasts awhile!


MP also likes that Kate uses recyclable containers for her product line. For example, Love for Lemons Co. bottles are biodegradable and the durable nozzles can be used over and over before being recycled into something new.


To learn more about this company, visit here.

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  1. My tip = dawn dish detergent and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray down the shower, let sit for an hour and scrub off…it didn’t get ALL the built up soap scum off, but it did a very good job at getting the majority of it. I’m not the best when it comes to cleaning the shower. Ugh. Brooke

  2. I clean the bathroom sink when I’m brushing my teeth at night and usually do dishes as I’m cooking to keep the mess under control 🙂

  3. I have mad love for lemon scented anything! I’m looking forward to trying Love for Lemons products. My cleaning tip is to get a few rolls of paper-less towels to keep on hand in the kitchen and bathroom. They are like paper towels but made out of absorbent terry. They are reusable, machine washable and absorb way better than paper. You can make them yourself or if, like me, you aren’t crafty, find some cute ones on

  4. I use old baby washcloths to wipe my toddler down after dinner. Saves us money on pspertowels and saves the environment!

  5. I clean the bathroom while my daughter plays in the tub, using my Love for Lemons cleaner because I know it is safe to use around her.

  6. I try to get my kiddo (5) in on the action; she thinks cleaning the bathroom sink is awesome, and it’s a pretty easy job for her. I just give her a little all-natural soap and a clean rag, and she’ll take the toothbrushes, etc. off the counter surface, wipe it all down, and then (eventually) put the toothbrushes back on. She enjoys what basically amounts to playing with water, and she loves being a “helper.” She’s occupied, and my bathroom sink is clean, to boot! 🙂

  7. I love using the end of a lemon in my kitchen sink. I simply let it stick around for a day or two and it does wonders!

  8. I hear baking soda dissolves toilet stains (never worked for me though!!). I just try to keep on top of it–set aside time every week to clean so the mess doesn’t get out of control.

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