Two Lights State Park

One of the things MP loves about living in Maine is that a hot evening can be made bearable by picnicking seaside. With this thought in mind, the family visited Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth—one of our favorite places to dine outdoors.

DP fired up the charcoal grill, while the kids explored the rocks with their grandmother. Each picnic spot is private and tucked away between hedges and beach roses. There are walking trails and open green spaces throughout the park (perfect for an impromptu game of kickball). And the view? Spectacular.



A tiny crab spotted in a tide pool.

A tiny crab spotted in a tide pool.


After dinner, we treated ourselves to make your own shortcake before some more exploring.



MP also spotted this sweet couple enjoying a quiet moment on a park bench. Something tells her that she and DP will be doing the same 30 years from now. What could be better?


FMI on Two Lights State Park, visit here.

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