Friday Flash Giveaway

The Cute Potato family is feeling topsy turvy lately. We’re unpacking boxes every day (nearly 170 to get through, if you can believe). Plus, we’ve been busy with school meetings, soccer practice, dancing lessons, appointments, and adjusting to a new routine. All the team really wants to do is start making this house our own. The kids can’t wait to unpack their library of books, and MP is looking forward to hanging family photos and art on the walls.

With thoughts of books and decorating in mind, we’re giving away a little something for adults and kids. Thanks to our sponsor, Daytrip Jr., we have a gorgeous, chain-stitched pillow (valued at $120) called “Cat in the Garden,” and a copy of the children’s classic, The Cat at Night by author and illustrator Dahlov Ipcar.


The image on the pillow is a page from The Cat at Night.

"... the cat doesn't feel like sleeping. Night is the best time of all—the time when he likes to go exploring."

“… the cat doesn’t feel like sleeping. Night is the best time of all—the time when he likes to go exploring.”

Want to win? Simply comment on this post below, and we’ll pick a winner at random. Contest ends Sunday, September 15 at midnight EST.  Good luck!


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  1. The pillow is beautiful and Dahlov Ipcar is so very talented. I saw some of her artwork at a gallery in Georgetown and have been fascinated with her ever since.

  2. Mrs. Ipcar signed a copy of The Cat at Night inscribed, “To Harrison, who loves his kitty”. He is four and obsessed with this book. Kitty at night! Kitty at night! he said when I showed him the pic of the pillow.

  3. great give away!! my grandchildren are getting a new kitten & would love the book!! and the pillow is lovely!

  4. love the pillow…my daughter in law would love this pillow..and then she could read the book to all the nieces and nephews that come to her house… she is such a loving aunt… her only child is her kitten and her

  5. I have three cousins having babies this month! Id love to give this to at least one of them, thanks for the love!

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