Friday Flash Giveaway: Gelato Fiasco Pints

The holidays are fast approaching, and as long as you’re running around getting ready, you might as well indulge in one of Maine’s best treats. The Gelato Fiasco, which is located in Portland and Brunswick, is best known for its creamy, inspired flavors of gelato—a dense, Italian ice cream made with less air than the American version. Their sorbetto is equally delicious for those who are dairy free. What we love? The flavors are made from scratch daily.


For December, you can find some particularly festive flavors of gelato, including Molasses Peppermint Stick, Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp, and Torched Marshmallow S’more (made with homemade marshmallows). CP #2, who loves fruit flavors, is a fan of the Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk sorbetto.


And if you’re going to serve up pints at your holiday table, they might as well come from Gelato Fiasco. The company redesigned their packaging in October, and MP just loves the sophisticated new look!


Tell us your favorite holiday treat and you could win a package of 5 new pints from Gelato Fiasco. A winner will be chosen at random and announced next week. Contest ends Friday, December 6 at midnight EST. Note: winner must pick up the pints at the Gelato Fiasco Portland location

Happy holidays, all! xo, MP

FMI on the Gelato Fiasco, visit their web site or Facebook page.

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  1. My favorite treat is pistachios, which are abundant this time of year. Perhaps Gelato Fiasco has a yummy pistachio flavor.

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  2. My favorite holiday treat has to be homemade needhams! I look forward to making those with my daughter every Christmas. 🙂

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  3. My favorite holiday treats are peanut butter balls! I really love that everything has a peppermint flavor this time of year too, that gelato fiasco peppermint is probably amazing, I am definitely going to have to try it!

  4. GF’s “standard” pistachio is outstanding, and not just on Fridays! By far the best pistachio I’ve ever had.

    My favorite holiday treats are Buckeyes. But I don’t make them myself because I’d end up eating way too many.

  5. I enjoy telling their specialist to give me a mix of three flavors. It gives me a different flavor feel every time I visit.

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  6. I’ve loved every flavor I’ve had at GF, but haven’t tried the molasses peppermint stick yet. A must this holiday season. I love the positive vibes they send out!

  7. Hmm, favorite holiday treat would have to be the “Christmas Mice” that have become a new family tradition in our house. They’re super-cute, fun to make (my five year old was able to help last year, so she’ll be even more involved this year, I’m sure), and they taste like Pecan Sandies. Yum!

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