Wreath Making 101

Last Christmas, CP#1 and MP signed up for a kids’ wreath making workshop at O’Donals Nursery in Gorham. The nursery provides decorative greens and wreath making supplies for a small fee. When we arrived, there were long tables filled with boughs of White Pine, Cedar, and Balsam. Jeff O’Donal, our patient instructor, showed us how to arrange the greens in a fan shape before placing them on a wreath ring.


Once our boughs were neatly arranged, CP#1 held them over the wire ring, while MP carefully tied the greens in place with wire. While the process seems simple, wreath making takes time, effort, and a strong wiring hand! CP#1 called upon Jeff a few times for some help rearranging the boughs.


The process took our team of two a little over an hour. Our hands were sticky from sap, but we were so pleased with our finished wreath. And of course, someone special showed up at the end of class, which made CP#1’s day.



To learn more about wreath making at O’Donal’s Nursery, visit here.


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  1. We try to be super crafty during the holidays, making our own wreaths, crafty cards for teachers, making candy and -if it snows- maple taffy. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is baking “Christmas Mice” with my oldest daughter; shortbread cookie body, slivered almond ears, mini chocolate chip eyes and nose, and a licorice shoelace for a tail.

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  2. We love to make snowflakes in early December and use them as decorations. We also like to make holiday cookies together, though we do that for most holidays.

  3. We try new recipe of some kind of cookies every Christmas! This year is extra special with 4 years old wanting to help! Thank you for a chance to enter!!

  4. My boys are young, 2 1/2 and 9 months, and I would love to start a holiday tradition of creating something special beyond the usual cookies. Wreaths sound like a very cool project!!

  5. We will make garland with edible items for the critters in our yard. Popcorn on a string and pinecones with birdseed.

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