How to Make Christmas Crowns

With Christmas Day just around the corner, we’re getting ready to decorate our holiday table. MP came across this idea for crowns on Pinterest, and thought the crowns would make festive place holders for our guests.


This craft is so simple and straightforward, as long as you don’t mind getting a little glitter on the floor! You’ll need:

• Craft glue
• Glitter
• Paper towel rolls (pre-cut by a parent into crowns)
• Sharpie pen or magic marker
• Scissors
• Embellishments for your crown: stickers, rhinestones, etc.
• Mini sponge brushes (we used Tulip Sponge Pouncers)

To start, MP drew the points of the crown using a marker, and then carefully cut out the outline. Note: A smaller pair of scissors makes for quick work.


We then set up our craft station. MP had some trays on hand to keep our mess contained. Then we poured our glue and glitter in plastic bowls. CP#2 used the sponge brush to coat his crown with glue and then dipped the crown in glitter to coat. Once the crown was dry, he decorated it using some rhinestones we had around the house.




The finished crowns are so pretty! We can’t wait to see what they look like on our holiday table. Merry, merry everyone! xo, MP

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