Cute Potato Turns Five


It’s hard to believe that MP started Cute Potato 5 years ago this month! CP#1 and #2 were two- and three-years old. Here they are in one of our earliest posts that featured Dollar Store finds.


Since we started in 2009, we’ve been fortunate to discover so many great restaurants, artisans, shops, and incredibly fun things to do throughout the state. And our experiences have led to wonderful memories. We’ll never forget traveling with the Biddeford Tigers to Fenway Park for the All Kids Can Baseball Camp. Everyone was excited to be on the field, despite the record-breaking heat. MP is sure the kids will remember this as the day they were allowed their first Coca-Cola. If you are going to sip your first can of soda, it might as well be in the dugout at Fenway Park!


Our first online fundraiser—for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital—was a joy to organize. With the help of local businesses and friends, we raised over $1,000, which went towards new equipment for the hospital. And this year, we pitched in our support to families with children who have PBD, a rare and incurable genetic disease. We hope our efforts made an impact in some small way. Our thoughts are always with the children and their parents.

Perhaps one of the most memorable experiences for our family was the opportunity to film for the Maine Office of Tourism last summer. We’re so proud to represent family fun for our great state!

And a huge thanks to all of you for reading and supporting Cute Potato year after year! We love our readers and appreciate all of the great ideas you’ve shared with us. Thank you!

Most of all, MP is grateful for CP#1 and CP #2. They are the reason she started this blog, and they continue to inspire MP each and every day.


PS: Our very first post (we still love this restaurant).

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