Pumpkin Carving Party

Every October, our dear friends host a pumpkin carving party at their house. It’s a simple celebration, but one we always look forward to during Halloween week. Each family brings their own pumpkin and an appetizer or a special dessert. Our friends make homemade pizzas and mulled cider. Of course, everyone dresses up.




When it comes time to carve, our friends line their dining room table with newspaper, hand out carving supplies to the adults and older kids, and have a big bucket at the center of the table for what the kids like to call, pumpkin guts.





After we’ve all carved our pumpkins, we line them up in a row and shut off the lights. We all ooh and ahh over our creations glowing bright in the dining room — it’s a tradition that all of us savor.


What are you and your family planning for Halloween? Whatever it is, we hope you have a blast!

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