Moran’s Terrariums

MP has always had a thing for terrariums — glass containers that hold a miniature garden. Much like a fairy house, there is something magical about a terrarium. So you can imagine her delight when she came across this D.I.Y. Terrarium Kit from landscaper Kyle Moran. Each kit comes with marble chips, organic soil, dehydrated moss, wood pieces and a miniature animal figurine (in our case, a small otter).

Illustrator Hannah Rosengren designed the labels for the jars.

Illustrator Hannah Rosengren designed the labels for the jars.

When a friend spotted the terrarium kit on our dining room table she laughed and asked, “Is that for you or the kids?” As luck would have it, the kids were just as excited as MP to create our own terrarium. MP set out all of the supplies on the dining room table along with Kyle’s simple, 6-step instructions.


This is the kind of straightforward, D.I.Y project parents love. There is not much mess (the bags Kyle selected are sturdy and easy to pour into the jar). And it’s a great project when multiple siblings are involved, as each step adds another interesting layer to the landscape.



We finished our terrarium in less than 30 minutes. Kyle’s care instructions recommend placing the terrarium in a space with filtered sunlight, so we found just the right spot in our living room. When it needs water, all you have to do is lightly mist the moss with a spray bottle. And if the tiny landscape looks like it’s getting too misty, you lift the lid and let the jar air dry.

A peek inside our new terrarium!

A peek inside our new terrarium!

The kids are looking forward to finding some more woodland creatures to place in the terrarium. Something tells MP it’s going to be a turkey!

You can find Moran’s Terrarium Kits on Kyle’s web site, at Pinecone + Chickadee in Portland or at O’Donals Nursery in Gorham.

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