Treating Winter Skin with Mad Gab’s

Winter is finally here and for our family, the drastic change in temperature demands we pay better attention to our skin. Wind, cold and bright sun can be especially hard on sensitive skin like ours. CP#1 is prone to chapped lips, and MP, who runs outside throughout the winter months, has rough hands and feet. And whether we are cross country skiing or sledding, all of us need to protect our lips and faces from the elements.

For MP, the challenge has always been finding a bodycare line that appeals to the whole family. Enter Mad Gab’s — a Westbrook-based company that specializes in lip and body balms made with a balanced combination of natural and organic ingredients. Their line also includes convenient, SPF 30 Sun Sticks for sun protection on the go.


A cool, camo design makes this a popular choice for kids.

The award-winning company, which has been in business for 25 years, is best known for their kid-friendly Menagerie line, whose packaging features an illustration of a smiling moose, along with many other fun cartoon animals. During the last year, Mad Gab’s updated the packaging and the formulas for this line, which now features soothing ingredients like organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax and vitamin E.


All of Mad Gab’s products are petroleum and paraben free.

In addition to the Menagerie line, the company also developed a signature line for teenagers and adults called MG. The hydrating, MG lip butters feature similar ingredients to Menagerie products with the addition of organic shea butter, and the body balms include Jojoba, a natural skin moisturizer. MP, who is drawn to beautifully-packaged products, likes the sleek, modern design.



Mad Gab’s invited our family to try both lines. CP#1 was given an assortment of seasonal, Moose Smooch lip balms to try, which included fun flavors like sugar cookie and hot cocoa. CP#1 says she likes the hot cocoa flavor best because the balm comes in a natural color (white rather than brown) and the flavor isn’t overly sweet. And CP#2, who we affectionately call our man of leisure, liked the bright scent of the citrus Moose Body Balm after a hot shower. “Don’t I smell good, mama?” he asked after trying the balm for the first time.

MP has been using two Mad Gab’s products nearly everyday. In the mornings, she applies the MG raspberry lip butter before she leaves for work. The product also comes in coconut lime and peach mango, but Mom Potato prefers the simplicity of the raspberry flavor, which has a light, natural scent.


The lip butter and lip balm tubes are recyclable.

In the evenings, just before bed, MP reaches for the lavender Moose Body Balm. The body balm comes in a recyclable tin and is easy to apply. With regular use, MP is finding that the rough spots on her hands and feet have diminished. She also likes that the lavender scent is fresh and light.


Why is this moose smiling? Mad Gab’s products are never tested on animals.

Interested in trying Mad Gab’s for yourself? You can find their products at Hannaford, Cool as a Moose, Coffee by Design, Community Pharmacy, Apothecary by Design, Sherman’s Books & Stationery or at And just for Cute Potato readers, Mad Gab’s is offering 15% off online orders of $15.00 or more through February 29, 2016. Enter the code “Cute Potato” at checkout.

Thanks again to Mad Gab’s for letting us try their new products. Here’s to happy, healthy winter skin!

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