A New Member of the Family


When a family considers adopting a pet, it’s a big decision. That’s what MP told the kids when they asked for a dog. She mentioned the responsibilities involved: walking, feeding and cleaning up after the dog. MP also couldn’t help but consider our busy family schedule: how long can we leave the dog alone in the house? Can he ride in the car? And who will take care of him when we go on vacation?

That being said, seven years had gone by since our greyhound died, and MP was beginning to feel ready for a pet again. She weighed the positives. The kids, at 8 and 9, are old enough to help. A dog would get us all outside and exercising even more. And MP would enjoy having a buddy around on the days she works from home.

With the realities of dog ownership set before us, we decided to begin our search. The parameters were simple — we wanted a medium-sized adult dog who was good with kids and other dogs. We kicked around some breeds that we liked, but we let Pet Finder do some of the work for us. Our search led us to The Green Ark, who had a one and a half-year old Lab/Hound mix named Gordon in their care. The eco-friendly and all volunteer pet rescue started in Portland in 2013. According to The Green Ark site, their mission is to provide a safe haven for dogs and find each animal a loving home.


The adoption process was a simple one. MP filled out an application and gave The Green Ark two references. The rescue also asked for a $100 refundable deposit, which placed a hold on Gordon for us. Once everything checked out, Athena Carriere, the rescue’s founder, scheduled a time to bring Gordon to our house for a meet and greet.

Gordon came to us on a Saturday morning. He burst inside the front door with The Green Ark volunteer, Tyler, behind him. Gordon whined and turned his head this way and that, as if he didn’t know where to go first. MP kneeled down to his level and gave him a friendly pat. Tyler said Gordon had a tendency to whine, but the dog quieted down quickly with some attention. MP looked at DP who was grinning from ear to ear. He said Gordon reminded him of his boyhood dog, and right then and there, MP had a feeling this sweet pup would be ours.

We took him for a walk around the neighborhood next. He pulled on his leash, but who could blame him? The dog just traveled nearly an hour from Hollis to meet us. While we walked, we asked Tyler questions about the rescue and learned that the Green Ark works in conjunction with Saving Georgia Dogs, a non-profit animal rescue. The kids were curious to walk Gordon, but decided to leave that job to the adults. We ran into another neighborhood dog, a 10-month-old Lab puppy named Charlie, and he and Gordon did great together.


Back at the house, when it came time to make a decision, the kids begged us, “Please? Please can we get him?” Now typically DP and MP don’t cave, but in this case, we were on board, too. “Alright, let’s do this!” said DP. Tyler gave us all of Gordon’s paperwork and an adoption contract to sign. And just like that, Gordon was ours.

Now MP would be lying if she said the last two weeks have been easy. There have been a few accidents in the house and getting out the door in the morning is a little more challenging. He also likes to steal stuffed animals, tissues and socks. But overall, we are so happy with our newest potato. We can’t wait to have him join in all of our adventures to come.


FMI on The Green Ark Pet Rescue, visit here.

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