Family Hikes: Moxie Falls

Now that school is back in full swing, MP finds herself daydreaming about summer adventures with family. One of her favorite memories is a morning hike to Moxie Falls in the West Forks. At a vertical drop of over 90 feet, the waterfall is one of the highest in New England.

The hike to Moxie Falls is short – just .6 of a mile one way, making it an easy walk with kids or dogs in tow. This well-groomed trail is flat and features some fun little climbing spots along the way, such as boulders and felled trees.



Once our crew reached the falls, we discovered a wooden overlook that provided a great vantage point. The kids were excited to see the impressive falls up close, but were in a hurry to swim in the water below.


The hike became more challenging as we traversed the heavily rooted, steep hill that leads down to the water. Be forewarned, this portion of the hike is not for the 5-under set. MP and DP had to keep a careful eye on our 9- and 10-year old squad, which included our nephew, C.



The swimming hole below the falls is rocky and requires careful footing and good water shoes. That said, the kids had a blast sliding down a smooth rock and jumping into the sparkling water. “This water feels awesome!” declared CP#2. “I could stay in it all day!” which was music to this Mom’s ears.




The sound of the rushing water nearby and the tall pines that surrounded the swimming hole were beautiful to experience in summer, but something tells MP that an autumn hike to the falls would be equally spectacular.

To learn more about Moxie Falls, visit Maine Trail Finder or Northern Outdoors.

PS: For more about our adventures in The Forks, visit here.





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  1. I’m so glad that you posted this! I actually did visit Moxie Falls when I first moved to Maine a few years ago with my then 4 year old. We went in early Spring and enjoyed the easy hike in and out. In fact, it was my daughter’s first hike. We did not realize however that there was anywhere to access the water to swim – definitely news to speed up our plans to return!

    1. Post

      Hi Karen, Thanks so much for your note! We love hearing about our readers’ experiences. When you get back to the falls, let us know how you and your daughter enjoyed the swimming!

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