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MP has a philosophy about house cleaning —it’s best in small spurts and even better when the products she’s using are environmentally-friendly and smell good. Enter our newest blog sponsor, Good Natured Brand, a home and body care company that began with Maine-based mother of three, Kate Perrin. MP first discovered Kate’s products in 2013 when she came across them at a local farmers’ market. Three years later, with the marketing help of business partner Lisa Hansen, Good Natured Brand is growing by leaps and bounds. You can find their products at Whole Foods,, Hannafords, Ace Hardware, True Value and several Maine-based natural foods stores.


Co-founder Kate Perrin at home with her daughter.

Kate and Lisa were kind enough to let MP try a few of their products at home, and the timing couldn’t have been better! With family visiting and a Halloween party on the horizon, MP needed to get her house into shape. She started with two basic surface cleaners, Lemon Love and Lavender & Eucalyptus, to use on her kitchen and bathroom counters. While housework is never fun, MP loved how clean the house looked and smelled after using these products.


Good Natured Brand also sells a handy, surface cleaner concentrate to cut down on plastic bottles in landfills.

If you follow this blog, you also know that our family adopted a dog in March. We adore him, but he’s definitely cause for regular vacuuming. MP often worries that our house might smell like him, too! With that thought in mind, she welcomed the chance to try Good Natured Brand Carpet and Upholstery Deodorizer. Scented with lemon and eucalyptus, the all-natural product is easy to use. MP sprinkled the deodorizer on her carpeted floors, waited five minutes and then vacuumed it all up. The result? A carpet that is super fresh and clean (for the time being, anyway).


Good Natured Brand cleaning products rated on Whole Foods highest, green tier after being tested by an independent company called Green Seal.

With her rooms and floors looking neat and tidy, MP decided to tackle the laundry, using the Lavender & Eucalptus Laundry Soda for her guest towels. Made with plant-based soap, biodegradable salt-based minerals, and essential oils, MP had a hunch that her towels would get a good cleaning minus the heavy scent that typical laundry detergents can leave behind. Sure enough, the white towels looked bright and clean, and the light lavender scent was a welcome treat for her guests!

If all of these great cleaning products weren’t enough, CP#1 also had the opportunity to try Bee Calm Balm Hydrating Body Stick. She has always had sensitive, eczema-prone skin, and MP thought this portable stick would be smart to keep in her backpack. She’s used the balm after swimming lessons and the combination of raw coconut oil, Vitamin E and beeswax is calming on all of her rough spots.

With postive results all-around, it’s easy to support a local brand that’s made by moms. Good, clean ingredients also mean a safer environment for the whole family, which is something we can always get behind!

To shop online for Good Natured Brand products, visit or




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