Treworgy Family Orchards + Corn Maze

Treworgy Family Orchard is located in Levant, just 10 miles outside of Bangor, where owner Gary Treworgy and his big creative family design an incredible corn maze on the grounds of their farm. Since 2001, visitors have enjoyed their impressive mazes — which have ranged from a variety of animals to a Celtic labyrinth and even a knight fighting a dragon! This year’s design is Paul Bunyan, Legendary Lumberjack, and our crew decided it was high time we visit the farm to experience the maze for ourselves.


We arrived on a gray, September afternoon, but the cloudy skies didn’t seem to keep the crowds away. In addition to the corn maze, the orchards are home to a pick-your-own flower garden, an ice cream shop & cafe serving Gifford’s homemade, a gift shop with locally-made provisions, plus sweet-natured farm animals to visit. Our family spent time browsing the grounds and enjoying some hot cider and donuts, before buying our tickets to the maze (bonus: tickets include a soft-serve ice cream cone).





Visitors are given a pencil and a map of the maze, which indicates 6 stops where they will find a trivia question about Paul Bunyan. We were thrilled to have this handy guide, as it definitely helped us navigate around the giant maze!




Our family had a great time debating the answers to the questions and figuring out how to get to each new station. When we finished, the kids felt a great sense of accomplishment, which was evident from the smiles on their faces!


We loved our visit to Treworgy Family Orchard and hope we can return again for the Friday, October 20 Night Maze event, where families can explore the maze by flashlight. The Q+A stations will be lit and young visitors will find a treat to collect at each. Sounds like a great night out to us!

For more information about Treworgy Family Orchard and the Night Maze, visit here.

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