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MP is the resident family photographer. It’s a job she thoroughly enjoys, but every once in awhile, she wouldn’t mind being included in a picture or two. For this reason, she reached out to talented family photographer, Nina Cutter. MP discovered Nina’s photos on Instagram and was instantly drawn to her creative use of color and light. Her style is playful and honest, as evidenced by the sweet photos she took of our family.


In the spirit of honesty, our first shoot had its challenges. We agreed to meet at Twin Brooks Park in Cumberland. The park is a favorite of ours, especially in the fall. There are lush green fields, wildflowers, broad views of the trees and a bright red barn at its center. On the way to the park, CP#1 wondered aloud if there would be soccer games going on when we arrived. “On a Sunday afternoon? At 4:00 p.m.?” MP said, in disbelief. “No, I doubt it.”

When we arrived, not only were there 3 soccer games going on, but a thick, heavy fog rolled in to the park. MP turned to find CP#2 sound asleep in the back seat. “What should we do?” she asked DP. “Should we cancel?” We decided to find Nina and get her thoughts on the matter.

Nina assured us that everything would be fine. “Sometimes the fog makes the lighting in the pictures even better,” she said. DP corralled the kids, but CP#2 was not himself. Groggy from his quick nap in the car, he didn’t feel like taking photos at all (little did we know then he was coming down with a head cold). MP decided it was best to give him space while the rest of us took photos with Nina.




We tried to get photos with our guy, but he just wasn’t feeling it. MP apologized to Nina, who couldn’t have been more gracious and kind. She assured MP that shoots like this happen. Kids have their moods, and if we wanted, we could try again.

So try again we did. This time, we decided on Old Townhouse Park in North Yarmouth. It’s an equally beautiful space with boardwalks through the fields and woodland trails. This time, everyone was feeling rested and in good moods.




We’re so thankful to Nina for capturing these images of our family, and for her patience and willingness to try again. These moments are what we’ll carry with us years from now. MP wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nina and her work, visit here.


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