Made in Maine: Moonflower Handmade Dolls


MP discovered these adorable, heirloom dolls on Instagram, and was so pleased to find they’re created at Sunflower Farm, a popular goat farm in our hometown of Cumberland, Maine. Lila Ray— who grew up on the farm and later returned with her husband, Ethan—needed a creative pastime while waiting for her baby girl, Max, to arrive. While Lila hadn’t sewn since she was a child, she decided to break out her old sewing machine and try making a doll for her daughter. The result was the sweet goat-inspired doll that led to her online shop, Moonflower Handmade.

In her small home studio, Lila creates her goats and bunnies from a combination of new, vintage and recycled materials for a one-of-a kind doll. She’ll often use recycled cashmere sweaters and velvet, so the dolls are super soft for little ones. It’s not unusual to see sequined ears, little arms and legs, and swatches of beautiful fabrics on her sewing table. Lila also makes sweet, handmade dresses for her Max & Me dolls and rattles with organic wooden teething rings. And of course, 7-month year old Max is the ideal product tester!


dressesproduct-testerWhile the CP kids are past the doll stage, MP thinks these beautiful dolls would make a thoughtful gift for a new baby or in her case, a two-year old nephew.

eleanor-2If you’re interested in finding a Moonflower Handmade doll for yourself, go to Lila’s Etsy shop or find them on InstagramlilaandmaxMany thanks to Mariah Cropley for sharing the lovely photos you see here.

PS: More about Sunflower Farm Creamery, if you’d like to see.


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