Ladies Adventure Club

While this mom loves adventuring with her kids, it’s essential to her spirit, and quite frankly, her sanity, to carve out time for herself. Over the years, she’s learned that getting outside is the best medicine. Whether it’s running, hiking, biking or simply walking with friends, time spent outdoors helps restore her mind and body.


You can imagine MP’s delight when Alicia Heyburn, co-leader of the Ladies Adventure Club, reached out to see if she might like to be a guest at an upcoming adventure! The club hosts weekly adventures just for women–ranging from island walks and hiking with goats to expert discussions on how to prepare for a backpacking trip or bicycle safety on the road.

Our weeknight adventure involved a dusk walk to listen for spring peepers and see the small waterfalls at Rines Forest in Cumberland. This 216-acre forest is always a joy to hike, as the trail takes you over wooden bridges, through shaded forest paths and up a good steep hill or two. In the springtime, the forest floor can be muddy, but all of us came prepared with tall boots and a willingness to spend time outdoors together.

This was MPs first time leading a hike, and wouldn’t you know, she was so busy chatting with the ladies, she missed the trail marker to take them to the water. The group was so kind and good-natured, the miss didn’t matter. Alicia stopped a few times along the way to point out vernal pools  – seasonal pools of water that are home to wood frogs, spotted salamanders and tiny creatures called fairy shrimp. She was also kind enough to let MP talk about writing, The Maine Play Book, and the publishing process. The ladies were great listeners, even on a chilly mid-April evening.

IMG_4755 2

While the cold weather kept the chorus of peepers at bay for our walk, the promise of all the good spring things to come kept us in good spirits. There’s nothing like an evening walk that leaves you feeling buoyed by fresh air and good company!

To learn more about the Ladies Adventure Club and how to become a member, visit here.




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