Pumpkin Carving Party

Every October, our dear friends host a pumpkin carving party at their house. It’s a simple celebration, but one we always look forward to during Halloween week. Each family brings their own pumpkin and an appetizer or a special dessert. Our friends make homemade pizzas and mulled cider. Of course, everyone dresses up.

Bacon & Egg Halloween Candies

One of our favorite family Halloween recipes is the fun and super easy Bacon & Egg candies from the Eating in Maine cookbook. On a Friday night, we invited Grandma and Grandpa Potato over for dinner and afterward, we made these candies together.

Ghosting the Neighborhood

Last night, CP#1 and #2 were treated to a new Halloween tradition called “Ghosting.” The festive activity is a neighborhood endeavor. Each family is assigned a neighbor to “boo” during the month of October. The kids fill a pumpkin with Halloween goodies, sneak up to their neighbor’s door, ring the bell, leave the pumpkin, and run to a hiding place …

The Merry Crown Society

While shopping the Craft & Art Show at the Yarmouth Clam Festival this summer, the team discovered¬†The Merry Crown Society. Shop owner, Bonnie, who hails from Fryeburg, designs whimsical crowns, wands, swords, and masks using felt made from recycled plastic bottles. CP#2 was completely smitten with Bonnie’s booth. If MP allowed it, he would spent hours trying out cool disguises.