Wolfe’s Neck Farm Spring Festival


We love visiting and supporting our local farms at Cute Potato, and Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport is one of our favorites. At the Spring Festival today, the kids enjoyed the music of the Casco Bay Ramblers, whose sound reminds us a little of Johnny Cash. Cute Potato #1 and #2 loved the Ramblers cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” and were especially taken with one particular yodeling solo.

After the show, we spent time peering at the sheep, baby goats, cows and roosters. Cute Potato#2 was so excited, he started to sing the chorus to “Old MacDonald” unprompted.

The best part of the festival was the fun craft projects for the kids. Both made masks out of paper plates, pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks. And Cute Potato #1 made a beautiful beaded bracelet. We decided on the way home that we would buy our own beads so we could make more.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm has great events throughout the year—many tailored to kids and families. Keep an eye on their calendar. We know we will.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm
184 Burnett Road

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