Ocean Park Soda Fountain

Not long ago, the team ventured to Ocean Park—also known as the quieter side of Old Orchard Beach. We loved exploring the wide, sandy beach, but what really interested us was the Ocean Park Soda Fountain, complete with heart-shaped chairs, wooden booths and pinstripe valances on the windows. It’s not unusual to find a line out the door, but the young staff works quickly while patiently answering questions about the ice cream. Don’t be fooled by the sign outside, there are a lot of unique flavors to be had.

Traditional flavors are posted outside, but there are more adventurous flavors inside

According to our server, all of the ice cream is made by Thibodeau Farms in Saco. We were taken with Graham Central Station (graham cracker ice cream and chocolate covered graham crackers) and Boston Blackout (chocolate ice cream, fudge swirl and brownie pieces). Honorary Potatoes, Grandma Cookie and Grandpa Nick, opted for Hawaiian Honeymoon (banana ice cream with strawberry and Oreo swirls) and Coffee Cup Crunch (coffee ice cream with butter crunch and chocolate swirl). It was a cool night, so we decided to stay inside, but there’s additional seating outdoors, too.

A regular size cone made for serious ice cream lovers

Ocean Park Soda Fountain
12 Temple Avenue
Ocean Park

Open to 10 p.m., everyday until Labor Day

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  1. I went there all the time as a kid at camp up the street….the Raspberry Lime Rickey was a favorite. I hope they still serve it!

  2. Amy, Yes, they do still serve Raspberry Lime Rickeys. That place hasn’t changed very much in the 68 years I have been spending summers there…

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